About Avatar Bungalow

Avatar Bungalow has been designed by Mr. Malak Singh, a disciple of world renowned British Architect Mr. Laurie Baker . It isn’t just another bungalow made of concrete and bricks. In fact it is Mumbai’s 1st  eco-friendly bungalow.

Mr. Baker had laid tremendous stress on efficient utilization of resources thereby reducing the impact on environment.

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Avatar Bungalow is a dream of Anil Sekhri who believes we should all have an eco- conscience and he has named the bungalow as ‘Avatar’ after his father Late Shri Avatar Krishan Sekhri. 

In 2004, when the design and development was completed Mumbai Pune Taxi , Avatar had garnered a tremendous response and a lot of eagerness was generated amongst the media and the press fraternity to cover Mumbai’s 1st eco-friendly bungalow.

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It was believed that GMAT Classes in Mumbai  this would set the tone for many more such initiatives.  In fact, the architect Mr. Malak Singh was instrumental in creating many other such marvellous structures.  

Mr. Sekhri took utmost care that not a single tree should be felled and he ensured that existing landscapes is used  quite effectively IGCSE Coaching Classes in Andheri ; non toxic materials and environmental friendly building materials were used.  Packers and Movers in Surat  Trees are an intrinsic part of the Avatar Bungalow experience. 



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Each and every brick for Packers and Movers in Akola was laid according to Vaastu principles since Mr. Sekhri believes that Vaastu is scientific and helps human beings to live in harmony with nature.